Created By: Christine Campbell-Pate, Love, Dating, and Empowerment Coach for Women

Get the Strict 7™ Dating Strategy & a FREE Love Coaching Call to help you stop wasting time on the wrong men so you can FINALLY meet your perfect match!


After 25 years of emotion-led dating that led me nowhere, I created the Strict 7™ Dating Strategy to help me trust myself to choose a man that would be a great match for me! I met my Strict 7™ man, married him, and started a family. This is possible for you too if you follow the Strict Dating 7™ Strategy exactly as I teach it!
In this FREE Training you’ll learn
  • The rules of the Strict 7™ Dating Strategy.
  • How to create your own Strict 7™ list that will help you attract your perfect man! 
  • How to qualify if a man is a Strict 7™ and smart to date.
  • The exact steps to take to go from single to happily married.
  • What men to avoid at all costs!
  • How to feel confident on your dates and get asked out again and again!
  • Plus: You’ll even get access to Christine’s own personal Strict 7™ list that helped her identify and attract her husband Steve within 90 days!
Christine Campbell-Pate
Christine is the CEO and Founder of Attract Extraordinary Love.

Christine’s programs and trainings have helped thousands of women from around the world become confident, capable, and successful in dating and experiencing long lasting love.

Christine has helped her clients find the man of their dreams, get married, start loving families, and enjoy the happily ever after most women dream of.

Christine is sought after for her expertise in helping ambitious women build their self awareness, confidence, dating, and love skills that lead them into becoming the high value women that attract and marry high value "Strict 7™" men.

Disclaimer: The dating and love results listed above in our marketing material are the result of highly committed clients who do ALL the work, and have the willingness to change, grow and learn from their mistakes. These results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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